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Kathe Kruse
The Käthe Kruse Doll Studio is the oldest German doll company that is still existing and working in the traditional way. Handwork, simplicity of design, integrity, and an aversion to gimmicks and fads are still very much a part of how the dolls are made. Each doll and item of doll clothing is made by hand and takes from 16 to 36 hours to make. During that time, it will pass through the hands of 8 to 10 craftspeople and artists

from the Schmmelchen collection
Rube stands 13.5 inches tall is very cuddly and soft and is bendable due to the wire skeleton.  #34505 6  - In Stock
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When I Grow Up
An 11" Brewer's Boy by Kathe Kruse. He is stuffed with reindeer hair and has a hand painted removable mask that is sure to bring a smile to your face. $499.00
Maxl seems to have outgrown his favorite, hand knitted landscape sweater but it looks so cute with his blue and white checkered shirt. His shirt also has hand-embroidered flowers on the sleeves and collar. His blue corduroy trousers are embroidered at the pockets by hand with red stitches. 19 in.
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Schummelchen Kathel
Sale $390.00
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Henry LE80pcs
1997 Collection 10"
SALE $179.99
Crissy & Husky
Walt Disney Doll & Teddy Bear Convention Exclusive
Edition of only 25 pieces.
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Nele Bathbaby
12" Vinyl
water sealed - bath tub safe

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Engelchen Christmas Doll 10"
LE  50 

SALE $199.99
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Greta 14" 
2001 Walt Disney Doll & Teddy Convention Exclusive LE 50 pcs
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Kathe Kruse Dollhouse Dolls were produced for only a few years prior to 1920. They were 1/12 scale: adults 6 to 7 inches tall, children proportionally smaller. Today they are the most rarely found of the dolls made by Germany's oldest continually producing doll company.
Kathe Kruse Dollhouse Dolls have been reproduced with the same method for over eighty years.
The head is sculpted from paper mache and the body constructed by wrapping cotton around a wire armature,
then covering it with stocking net.
These reproductions of the rare Doll House Dolls are made with the same method as the originals

Daumlinchen 1957
5 inches tall
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Schlenkerchen Puppe II 1931
5" tall
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